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India Research Centre

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About the Network

The India Research Network is designed to act as a focus, a catalyst and a showcase for the exciting styles of research on India already taking place within the Faculty of Arts. These styles include scholarly as well as other kinds of research practices based in music, media, and performance. Network members are currently drawn from a wide range of disciplines, including Anthropology, Sociology, Cultural Studies, Music, Media, Law, and Asian Languages. We aim to create a research community of work on India in this university, and so to strengthen the broader research community of South Asia scholars in the rest of Australia, as well as to develop further research links with India and other countries. These connections will take the form of institutional linkages, research collaborations, hosting high quality research and performance events, as well as promoting the intake of high quality higher degree research students specific to our research strengths.

We envisage 3 key elements of Network activities:  (1) cultural , political and social science research on India and Indian immigrant diasporas ; (2) Engagement with Indian  performance culture both in written and practice based forms, opening up new forms of collaboration; (3) Collaboration with the Indian community, on issues of community concern, as well as through the arts. 

India is fond of the image of three strands, or triveni coming together - as the plaiting of a woman's hair, or as the union or sangam of three rivers, which is known as a triveni sangam.  The Network has taken on the form of a triveni with its commitments to research, performance, and community. We hope it will flow like the union of three rivers bringing together intellect, the senses, and attunement to social justice.

We have a strong commitment to creating a high quality research environment for doctoral and higher degree students who are working on India or wish to come and work with us. We offer both disciplinary focused supervision, and inter-disciplinary supervisory panels, and will be creating networks and events to stimulate and consolidate a research culture and research careers. Encouraging the teaching of Indian languages at Macquarie will be part of our overall future goals.

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