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Book chapters

Ahlawat, Dalbir

2004 "Perspectives of India and Australia: Towards Convergence", in D. Gopal and Dennis Rumley, eds., India and Australia: Issues and Opportunities.  New Delhi: Authors Press.

2002 'China Factor' in Australia's Foreign Policy", in D. Gopal, ed., Australia in the Changing Global Order. New Delhi: Shipra Publications.

1993 "Indo-Argentine Relations: Retrospect and Prospect", in Embassy of Argentina, ed., Argentina: Some Indian Perspectives (New Delhi: Kalinga Publications.

Alter, Andrew. B.

1994  'Gurus, Shishy┬┐s and Educators:  Adaptive Strategies in Post-Colonial North Indian Music Institutions' In S. Blum and M. J. Kartomi (eds.) Music-Cultures in Contact:  Convergences and Collisions. Gordon & Breach/Currency Press, 158-168. (6000 words)

Dalidowicz, Monica.

2010 "Re-Exporting 'Tradition': The Trans-cultural Practice of Kathak in Kolkata and the Creation of a New Female Body." In Dance Matters, (eds) Chakravorty, Pallabi and N Gupta. Routledge: New Delhi, pp 205-224.

McNeil, Adrian

2007 'Making Modernity Audible: Sarodiyas and the Early Recording Industry' in Amlan Das Gupta (ed.) Music and Modernity: North Indian Classical Music in an Age of Mechanical Reproduction,Kolkata: Thema.

1996 "Caught between a Rock and a Hard Place: Post-colonialism and the Dynamics of Teaching Ethnomusicology in Australia" Aflame with Music: A Hundred Years of Music Making, University of Melbourne. University of Melbourne Press.

Osuri, Goldie,

2010  'Transmediterranean Dispersals: Mazzini, Hindu Nationalism and Sonia Gandhi' in Transmediterranean: Diasporas, Histories, Geopolitical Spaces. ed. Joseph Pugliese , Brussels: Peter Lang. pp. 173-187.

2010  'Once More to the Breach: Race, Neoliberal Governmentality and Violence Against International Students' in Enter At Your Own Risk? Australia's Population Questions for the 21st Century. eds Suvendrini Perera, Graham Seales, and Sue Summers, Perth: Black Swan Press. 

2008  'Beauty and the bollywood star: stories of skin colour and transnational circulations of whiteness,' in Cultural Theory in Everyday Practice . eds. Nicole Anderson & Katrina Schlunke, , Melbourne, Vic, Oxford University Press. pp. 196-205.

2008  'Genuine Secularism: Ashish Nandy and The Australian Values Debate' in As Others See Us: Postcolonial Perspectives on Australian Culture, The Values Debate, eds. JV D'Cruz et. al., Melbourne, Australian Scholarly Publishing. pp. 43-54.

Ram, Kalpana

2010  'Dancing off-stage: Nationalism and its 'Minor Practices' in Tamil Nadu' in Pallabi Chakravorty (ed.) Dance Matters: Approaches and Issues in Indian Dance. Routledge.

2009 a 'I now have arivu (knowledge) which dispels fears' in South Asia, Special Issue, Indian Democracy and Civil Society, Guest editors Salim Lakha and Pradeep Taneja, pp485-500

2009b  'Rural Midwives in south India: The politics of bodily knowledge' in Helaine Selin (ed.) Childbirth Across Cultures: Rites and Rituals of Childbirth in the non-Western World. Kluwer Academic Publishers, pp107-122.

2008a 'Presencing the Amman in Tamil Cinema: Cinema spectatorship as sensuous apprehension' in Selvaraj Velayuthan (ed.) Tamil Cinema: The Cultural Politics of India's Other Film Industry.  Routledge. pp44-58.

2008b  "A new consciousness must come": Affectivity and Movement in Tamil Dalit Women's Activist Engagement with Cosmopolitan Modernity' in Pnina Werbner (ed.) Anthropology and Cosmopolitanism: Rooted, Feminist and Vernacular Perspectives.  Berg. pp135-155

2007 "Anthropology as Ananthropology'.  L.K Ananthakrishna Iyer. 1861-1937. Colonial anthropology and the figure of the 'native anthropologist' as pioneer.' In Patricia Uberoi, Satish Deshpande and Nandini Sundar (eds.) Disciplinary Biographies: Disciplinary Biographies: the founders of Indian sociology and Anthropology. Sage Press, New Delhi, pp 64-105

2002 'Stranded Between the "Posts": Sensory experience and immigrant female subjectivity' in Colin Barron, Nigel Bruce, and David Nunan (eds.) Knowledge and Discourse. Towards An Ecology of Language., Pearson Education Ltd. UK, Language in Social Life Series, ed. Christopher Candlin, pp.34-48.

2001a 'The Female Body of Possession: a feminist perspective on rural Tamil women's experiences' in Bhargavi V. Davar (Ed.) Mental Health from a gender perspective Sage Publications, London and New Delhi.  Pp181-216

2001b 'Modernity and the Midwife'. in L. Connor and G. Samuel (Eds) Healing Powers and Modernity. Traditional medicine, shamanism and science in Asian socieites, Bergin and Garvey. Westport, London. Pp64-84

2000 'The State and the Women's Movement: Instabilities in the Discourse of "Rights" in India.'  In Ann-Marie Hildson, Vera Mackie, Martha Macintyre and Maila Stivens (Eds.) Human Rights and Gender Politics. Asia-Pacific perspectives. New York and London: Routledge, pp60-82.

1999 'Genealogies of "The Woman Question": the colonial past in multiculturalism's "present". In Ghassan Hage and Rowanne Couch (eds.) The Future of Australian Multiculturalism. Research Institute for Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Sydney. pp255-271

1998a  'Maternity and the story of Enlightenment in the colonies: Tamil coastal women, South India' in K. Ram and M. Jolly (eds) Maternities and Modernities: Colonial and Post Colonial Experiences in Asia and the Pacific.Cambridge University Press, pp114-143

1998b  'Epilogue: Maternal Experience and Feminist Body Politics :Asian and Pacific perspectives' in K. Ram and M. Jolly (eds) Maternities and Modernities: Colonial and Post Colonial Experiences in Asia and the Pacific Cambridge University Press, pp275-295

1998c Na Shariram Nadhi, "My Body is Mine": the urban women's health movement in India and its negotiation of modernity ', K.Ram and K.Kauanui (eds.) Migrating Feminisms, special issue of Women's Studies International Forum, 21 (6), pp617-631

1998d 'Uneven Modernities and Ambivalent Sexualities: Women's construction of puberty in coastal Kanyakumari, Tamilnadu' in Mary E. John and Janaki Nair (eds.) A Question of Silence? The Sexual Economies of modern India. Kali for Women. pp269-303

1996a  'Liberal Multiculturalism's "NESB Women": a south Asian postcolonial feminist perspective on the liberal impoverishment of "difference" in E.Vasta and S.Castles (eds.) But the Teeth are Smiling: The persistence of racism in multicultural Australia. Allen and Unwin, Sydney, pp 130-144.

1996b 'Rationalism, cultural nationalism and the reform of body politics: Minority intellectuals of the Tamil Catholic community' in P.Uberoi (ed.) Social reform, Sexuality and the State, Sage Publications, New Delhi 1996, pp291-318

1994a 'Modernist Anthropology"s "Comparative" Project: the construction of Indian Identity as Tradition.' in A. Gomez (ed.) Modernity and Identity: Asian Illustrations. Melbourne: La Trobe Uni. Press, pp122-158

1994b 'The Virgin Against Eseki: Religious consciousness Among Christian Women of Kanyakumari District' (reprinted from Mukkuvar Women) in M.Joy and P.Magee (eds.) Claiming Our Rites. Studies in Religion by Australian Women Scholars, Australian Association for the Study of Religions, Special Studies in Religions, No.8, Australia, pp189-212 (Reprint of chapter from my book Mukkuvar Women.)

1991 'Moving in from the margins: Gender as the centre of cultural contestation of power relations in South India'. In G. Bottomley, M. Lepervanche and J. Martin (eds) `Intersexions: Gender/Class/Culture/Ethnicity, Allen and Unwin, pp 1-13

1984 'The Indian working class and the peasantry: A review of current evidence on interlinks between the two classes'. In A.N.Das, V.Nilkant and P.S Dubey (eds) The worker and the working class: A labour studies anthology, Delhi: Public Enterprises Centre for Continuing Education, pp181-186.

Ranganathan, Maya

2008 'Give me a vote and I will give you a TV set': television in Tamil Nadu politics', in 'Television in India: Satellite, politics and cultural change', edited by Nalin Mehta, Routledge, London, March 1, pp.106 - 122.

Selvaraj Velayutham

2009 'Everyday Racism in Singapore', in Amanda Wise and Selvaraj Velayutham (eds.) Everyday Multiculturalism. Hampshire: Palgrave Publishers.

2008 'Introduction: The Cultural History and Politics of South Indian Tamil Cinema', in Selvaraj Velayutham (ed.) Tamil Cinema: The Cultural Politics of India's Other Film Industry. London: Routledge.

2008 'Encounters with 'India': (Ethno)-Nationalism in Tamil cinema', in Selvaraj Velayutham (ed.) Tamil Cinema: The Cultural Politics of India's Other Film Industry. London: Routledge. (with Vijay Devadas)

2008 'The Diaspora in Tamil Cinema and the Global Tamil Cinemascape', in Selvaraj Velayutham (ed.) Tamil Cinema: The Cultural Politics of India's Other Film Industry. London: Routledge.

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