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India Research Centre


Alter, Andrew B.

'Flutes, Sprites and Mountainous Geographies', Kailash: A Journal of Himalayan Studies (Forthcoming)  (7000 words)

Bedford, Ian.

'A Pattern for National Modernity: the "Ataturk" Model and its Approximation in Pakistan' in Saurabh Dube, ed. Modern Makeovers: a Handbook for Modernity in South Asia  2011 (forthcoming) Oxford University Press.

Kathiravelu, Laavanya.

'Migrant Networks of Urban Informality' in Journal of Intercultural Studies

"The Other NRIs: the case of low-wage Indian migrants in the Gulf" in Jayati Battacharya and Coonoor Thadani  (eds), Indian and Chinese Immigrant Communities: A Comparative Approach: ISEAS Press (Forthcoming)

Ram, Kalpana

Fertile Disorder: Spirit possession and modern projects of subjectivity in the lives of rural Tamil women (Forthcoming, University of Hawai'I Press)

'The Hidden Body of Intellectuals: Affect and Mood in Family Planning' in Modern Makeovers: The Oxford Handbook of Modernity in South Asia. Eds. Saurabh Dube, Ishita Banerjee. Oxford University Press. 

'Being "Rasikas": The Pleasures of Music and Dance `Spectatorship and Nationhood in Indian Middle Class Modernity' in Journal of Royal Anthropological Institute, Special Issue on Who Sings the Nation? Anthropological and historical perspectives on aesthetics and publics.  Guest Editors C. Pinney and N.Mookerjee.