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Journal Articles

Ahlawat, Dalbir 

1996 "India-Brazil Relations: Cabral to Cardoso", Third Concept (New Delhi), vol. 10, no. 109, March.

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Alter, Andrew. B.

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Alter, A. B.  and McNeil, A.

2004 'Introduction'. South Asia. XXVII(3), 285-288. (1500 words) Badami, Sumant

Bedford, Ian

2008 'Listening to the Voice in South Indian Classical Music": a Review Essay' in The Australian Journal of Anthropology 2008 Special Issue 20

2001 'Nation and Belonging in India, Pakistan and South Central Asia' in Mankind (now The Australian Journal of Anthropology)1996 Vol 7. 'The Interdiction of Music in Islam' in The Australian Journal of Anthropology 2001 12:1

1993 'Intizar Husain's "An Unwritten Epic" and the Matter of Pakistan', in Journal of Commonwealth Literature 1993: 28. Loblay, Victoria

McNeil, Adrian

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1996 "Politicising a Musical Tradition: Religious Fundamentalism and Musicians in North India, Context 11.

1995 "A Mouse, a Frog, the Hawaiian Guitar and World Music Aesthetics" Perfect Beat: The Pacific Journal of Research into Contemporary Music and Popular Culture Vol 2 (3).

1993-1994 "Why Hindustani Musicians are Good Cooks: Analogies Between Music and Food in North India", Asian Music, Vol. 25, Fall.

Osuri, Goldie

2008 'Ash-Coloured Whiteness: The Transfiguration of Aishwarya Rai', South Asian Popular Culture, vol. 6, no. 2, pp. 109-123.

2003 'Paralogical Moments: Herstories of Colonialism and Conversion, Diaspora and Migrancy.' Outskirts: feminisms along the edge, vol. 11, Ram, Kalpana

Ram, Kalpana

2010 "Between medicine and manthravady: agency and identity in Paniya health." South Asian History and Culture 1(2): 301 - 314.

2010 Spatial boundaries and moralities of gender: considerations from obstetric and gynaecological practice in Chennai, South India South Asian History and Culture, Volume 1 Issue 2, 213-223 Loblay, Victoria

2009 Everyday ethics: sex determination and ultrasound in Australia Indian Journal of Medical Ethics. Vol VI(4) 

2007 Rethinking the 'International' in the Politics of Women's Health: An Ethnographic Excursion Through the Story of the Anti-Fertility Vaccine and Beyond. Outskirts Vol 17. Special Issue: Feminist Engagements in Other Places <

2010 "Class in the Clinic: The performativity of class in encounters between health professionals and rural poor women' Lead article in South Asian History and Culture, Special Issue on Health, Culture and Religion in South Asia (also to be published as edited volume by Routledge), Editors Alex Broom and Assa Doron, ppxx

2009 'Modernity as a "Rain of Words: Tracing the Flows of "Rain" between Dalit Women and Intellectuals in Tamil Nadu' in Asian Studies Review Special Issue on Dalit Cultural Politics, Guest Editors U. Rao and A. Doron, pp501-516

2009 b 'I now have arivu (knowledge) which dispels fears' in South Asia, Special Issue, Indian Democracy and Civil Society, Guest editors Salim Lakha and Pradeep Taneja, pp485-500

2007b 'Un-timeliness as Moral Indictment: Tamil agricultural labouring women's use of lament as life-narrative' in The Australian Journal of Anthropology, August issue.18:2, pp138-154

2005 'Phantom Limbs: South Indian Dance and Immigrant Reifications of the Female Body' in Journal of Intercultural Studies April (vol.26, issues 1/2)

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1992 'Modernist Anthropology and the construction of Indian Identity', Meanjin 3: 589-614 

Ranganathan, Maya

2009 'Towards an inclusive national identity: a case study of Swades',National Identities, Vol 11, No 4, Dec.

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2008 'Second-Generation Tamils and Cross-Cultural Marriage: Managing the Translocal Village in a Moment of Cultural Rupture', Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies 34 (1): 113-131. (with Amanda Wise).

2006 'Beyond Bollywood: India's Tamil Film Industry', The Journal of the Asian Arts Society of Australia 15 (1): pp21.

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2001 'Dancing with Ga(y)nesh: The Politics of multicultural appropriation in Australia', Postcolonial Studies 4(2): pp143-160. (with Amanda Wise)